The culture of conflict - a self-awareness and conflict solution workshop

One-day workshop with Bettina Wegleiter and Oliver Perner (Remote Workshop possible)

Language: German or English


Arguing properly is anything but easy. Then there are emotions instead of arguments, the personal instead of the content, the unattractive instead of the constructive. The greater the emotions, the more difficult it is to control the conflict. A constructive discussion is often an important driver for a breakthrough, an important catalyst for every project, every process and for every relationship.

Dealing with conflicts and disputes is an essential success factor and an important key qualification for any type of relationship.
Be it at work or in a private environment. The culture of conflict means being able to represent one's own point of view without denying the other person the same ability.
In this workshop you will learn to understand yourself and others better, to recognize possible conflicts in good time and to actively manage responsibility and solutions.

"Real development happens by confronting yourself with your fears"


This workshop is for you if you

  • avoid conflicts

  • if your conflicts mostly end destructive

  • want to understand yourself and others better 

  • want to take on responsibility in difficult or challenging situations

  • want to react confidently in everyday but also challenging conflict situations in the future

  • want to create a fair and constructive working atmosphere in your company and are interested in new solutions

Constructive discussions are the chance for lasting changes.

The following models will be dealt with in depth in this workshop

  • The Responsibility Process according to Christopher Avery (personal responsibility)

  • The SCARF Model by David Rock (How our brain works)

  • Improvisational Prototyping - Conflict Theatre (Practice and adapt difficult conversations before engaging in them)

  • Perception, interpretation and personal rating excercise 


Target group: Executives, employees, those affected by conflict and all those who want to create a fair and constructive working atmosphere in their company and are interested in new solutions. 

Max. 12 people



We have observed that training content is sometimes not that easy to implement in the work environment. Therefore, as a special goodie, we offer all course participants a 30-minute preparatory talk or coaching talk for a real conflict. This conversation can be arranged within 2 months after the end of the training.

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