This letter is written to people helping us...

... At first many thanks to the people here in Austria to accept us. Thanks also to the goverment to study our files.
We spent many years in our country suffering the war, terror and hunger. Then we came here asking for safety and peace and to get human living. But after arriving here we spend a lot of time to finish our documents. We haven`t any date for interview.
We want to continue our life with our family. They are still in our home country suffering war and terror. Every day they are getting more and more in dangerous situations. Our families and hopes are all what we have in this world.
By waiting our and our families’ hope is killed. So please help us to put an end to our suffering. Thanks for your help.
(Dieser Brief wurde im Frühjahr 2015 in Vöcklamarkt verfasst)

Das Engagement der Bürger und Bürgerinnen ist riesig. MitarbeiterInnen tun ihr Bestmögliches. Freiwillige helfen, wo sie können. Es braucht politische Entschlossenheit, damit die, die unser Leben im Kleinen so sehr bereichern, eine Chance haben.